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The Cabinet meeting No. 114 dd. November 18th 2010 saw the approval of various measures regarding the environment. In fact, amongst these are the Legislative Decree that implements the European Directives 2008/105 and 2009/09 relating to the quality standard of water, as well as the Decree implementing the Framework Directive on waste 2008/98 which modifies the “Environmental Code” and introduces SISTRI (System of Control of the Traceability of Refuse) sanctions and also, lastly, a new Legislative Decree designed to overcome the “waste criticality” in the Campania region. Once again, it appears that the Cabinet’s main topic consists of waste. The subject is strongly felt in the EU too, so much so that the “European Week for Waste Reduction” has been launched, and its second edition will be held from November 20th to November 28th in 22 Member States (plus Brazil and the Dominican Republic). This is the Italian website for the “EWWR”, for which 3,000 adhesions have arrived in Europe, out of which approximately 600 only in Italy. One of the most relevant facts that has emerged from European studies is that of a constant and almost unstoppable growth in the level of the production of waste in Europe, a true environmental emergency which sees the overall quantity of refuse produced by households doubled in 40 years. The basic message is, therefore, that of the necessity to change our behaviour, adopt new lifestyles and in this way reduce the production of refuse at the source. Precisely for these reasons the implementation of the new Waste Framework Directive, which we will shortly discuss, seems to be of great importance.

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