Technological Innovation

 The integrated approach to waste management, imposed by the new European directive, also represents a remarkable opportunity for innovation in a sector which is traditionally reluctant to invest.
It is enough to look at electronic waste, which increases exponentially, is full of increasingly rare and strategic quality materials, and represents a tremendous opportunity for waste management companies too that could be integrated with high value added chains dedicated to the extraction of these materials.

The necessity to reduce waste is contributing to the development of sectors such as eco-design and the production of biodegradable materials, and many companies are redesigning their products in order to use a smaller quantity of materials without weakening the characteristics and quality of these products.
In the packaging sector too, several chemical industries are developing biodegradable materials. From January 1st 2011 the old type of plastic bag can no longer be sold and has been replaced by biodegradable plastic ones.

Innovation in the sector will also involve waste collection systems, that will be more and more automated: products such as “smart bins” are being tested which are able to communicate with a central unit to report when they are full and so optimize the collection process; other features include the recognition of each individual user through a magnetic card and the possibility to measure the weight and quality of the waste inserted in order to calculate a fee based on the actual quantity of waste produced by the individual.
All activities are supervised by a sophisticated system of operational management which uses modern information technology and maps to optimize routes and operating times and to allow the planning of services, human and technological resources and the recording of information.
Through the implementation of the GPS system all vehicle movements are detected and computerized. The performance metrics of the fleet with the other parameters. This modern management tool allows the quality of services provided to be controlled and guarantees high standards over time. 

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