Environmental Services

Biancamano Group is the ideal supplier for local authorities and large private businesses. Through its operating companies Aimeri Ambiente and Ponticelli, the firm is capable of following the entire waste cycle and offering an integrated service.
The continuous improvement of services offered in complete observance of legal provisions has allowed Biancamano to assert itself in local and national contexts that ensure environmental protection and respect of ecological balance.
In carrying out its activities, Biancamano Group uses a large fleet of more than 3200 vehicles which are mostly company-owned.

Management services

In the management of municipal hygiene services Biancamano Group follows the procedures provided for by company quality systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. In particular, these procedures include a prompt management of anomalies, direct control over the territory of the smooth running of services, a continuous check on service planning and the level of satisfaction of the final user.

Furthermore, Biancamano Group is able to offer its clients a computerized management of services through advanced management systems:

- Business Intelligence for the management and control of municipal hygiene services;

- il software WinWaste.net software for waste management and its relative collection services;

- GPS module for satellite tracking of vehicles and geolocation of containers;

- GIS - Geographical Information System for the control of the territory and any project analysis.

A call-centre is also active for reporting possible inefficiencies and information requests (collection days, times of street washing, etc.).


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