Biancamano manages its waste collection and transport services through its subsidiary Aimeri Ambiente S.r.l. ( With over 3700 operators, Aimeri Ambiente S.r.l plans and provides environmental hygiene services (municipal solid waste collection and transport) and environmental protection (cleaning of streets, sea, beaches), offering a full personalized and efficient waste management service to its clients, thanks to its long-term operational experience and consolidated technological know-how. Aimeri Ambiente currently works for approximately 500 Municipalities for a total of more than 4,500,000 inhabitants, and approximately 980 private clients. It is active in most Italian regions. The company is on the National Register of undertakings that carry out waste disposal services.

 Types of collection services

Manual and mechanical street sweeping services, that include:
- cleaning of the urban road network (pavements, streets, squares and cycle paths),
- emptying of litter bins,
- weed control activities with chemical or mechanical interventions,
- cleaning of market or exhibition areas and those used for events.

Collection of residual municipal solid waste through a “door to door” service or through special roadside containers.
Separate collection of the liquid fraction put into biodegradable bags by users.
Separate collection of glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and packaging destined for recovery through doorstep collection, roadside containers or transfer platform.
Collection of municipal hazardous waste  (expired medicines, old batteries, toxic and inflammable containers).


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