Biancamano Group Evolution


2004 Biancamano Group comes to life

- Acquisition of Ponticelli

- Acquisition of Aimeri Ambiente

2007 Biancamano listed on Borsa Italiana

2008 Organic Growth +30% yoy

- Biancamano is the only Pure Player of the sector listed.

2009 MSA Acquisition

- With the MSA acquisition Biancamano doubles its revenues and became an italian leader in Urban Cleaning Services Market. MKShare 10%

2010 Biancamano joins STAR segment (by Borsa Italia)

2011 Started Up Innovative WEEE plant

2012 Ponticelli merged into Aimeri Ambiente

2013 New industrial guidelins

2014 After 10 years of activity: the re birth

Biancamano SpA        

P.IVA IT01362020081
REA: 1821458

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