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Biancamano Group

A core business targated at environmental protection.

Every day, Biancamano, leading private sector operator in the industry, carries out crucial activities to ensure the quality of life of the general public in Italy, contributing to the cultural and economic development of the country, and even the development of the tourist industry.

Thanks to the twenty-year experience of its management team Biancamano is the ideal partner for local bodies, providing technologically advanced solutions for the management of Integrated Municipal Services.

Technological innovation increases the efficacy and economic efficiency of the collection, treatment and recycling services.

The activities to educate and raise awareness among the public of forms of sustainable waste management, such as separated waste collection and recycling, contribute to the cultural, environmental but also the economic development of the community.


Operator Integrated over the entire Value Chain

Biancamano through its subsidiary Aimeri Ambiente is integrated over the entire Value Chain.

- Sorted Collection: Paper, Plastic, Glass, Compost, WAEE.

- Non separate Urban Waste Collection

- Urban Waste Transportation

- Ecological platforms

- Sorting & Recycling sites

- Plants: for Final Disposal (landfill)

- Urban Cleaning Services Planning and Technological Innovation

- Information Campaing for a sustainable waste management Citizens Education

Biancamano’s strategic assets

- Broad and comprehensive authorisations for waste collection / transportation. (Environmental managers’ register)

- Authorised to transport around 800 EWC codes.

- Management team with twenty-year experience in the planning and management of Urban Hygiene Services.

- 3000 Cutting-edge vehicles.

- 2000 Employees.

- 51 operations centres connected to head office via intranet.

- GPS satellite system to monitor vehicles and emptying activities.

Data at May 2014


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