Code of Ethics

The Code of Conduct thus represents a tool adopted autonomously by Biancamano Group S.p.A. with the aim of clearly defining the set of values recognized and shared within the Company, but also a means of achieving a reliable and transparent relationship with the outside world.

The Code of Conduct is structured on:

  •  - general principles, that define the reference values of which Biancamano S.p.A.’s activity must be informed
  •  - rules of conduct, that specifically define the guidelines and regulations to which the recipient of the Code is required to abide;
  •  - mechanism of implementation, that describes the Model of Organization elaborated for the observance of the Code of Conduct and for its continuous improvement;
  •  - a disciplinary system, that attends to the assessment of any conduct contrary to the wording and spirit of the Code.


Ethics Committee

Lorenzo Reali (President) 
Maria Stagno d'Alcontres  
Davide Maria Emilio Cito 
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